Major Changes in Apex Legends Ranked Game

Apex Legends fans, get ready for some exciting news! Respawn Entertainment has just announced a slew of changes coming your way with the upcoming Season 17: Arsenal. These changes have been highly requested by the community and are set to enhance the game’s competitive integrity. But that’s not all – Respawn has assured players that many more improvements will be coming down the pipeline in the future.

These changes will not only improve the Ranked mode in Apex Legends, but will also come with improvements to matchmaking and cheat detection. So, get ready to experience an even better version of the game you love

06 Major Changes in Apex Legends Ranked Game

Major Changes in Apex Legends Ranked Game

Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind the popular battle royale game Apex Legends, has announced a major update to the game’s ranked system. The update, which will be implemented in Season 17, will include significant changes to the way players progress through the ranks and how matchmaking is handled.

Here are the key changes players can expect:

  1. Ranked Points Replaced by Ladder Points

Ranked Points, the currency used to track a player’s progress through the game’s ranked system, will be replaced by Ladder Points. The new system will place more emphasis on placement and wins rather than kills. If a player finishes in the top 10, they will earn Ladder Points, but if they finish between 11th and 20th place, they will lose points.

  1. Removal of Ranked Split

The Apex Legends Ranked Split, a long-standing tradition in the game’s ranked system, will be removed. Resets will now only occur at the start of each season.

  1. Static Entry Cost

The entry cost for Apex Legends ranked matches will now be static across all ranks. This means that players won’t have to worry about paying more as they climb up the ranks.

  1. Provisional Matches Added

At the start of each season, every player will be reset to the “rookie” rank and must play in 10 provisional matches. These matches will be used to determine the player’s skill level and place them in an appropriate ranking. Provisional matches will also feature fully mitigated losses and significantly magnified gains to ensure players are placed correctly.

  1. Individual Player Skill-Based Matchmaking

Matchmaking will now be based on an individual player’s skill level rather than their squad’s skill or rank/level. This change will benefit solo players and make it easier for them to find games without being matched with full parties.

  1. Adjusted Ranked Progression Pacing

With the removal of the mid-season split, the pacing of ranked progression has been adjusted. Each division (such as Gold IV, Gold III, etc.) now requires 1000 LP to advance to the next rank. Promotion bonuses and tier demotions have been adjusted to match the changes in the ranked system. It’s now possible for players to demote into the “rookie” rank.

Overall, these changes aim to create a fairer and more enjoyable ranked experience for players of all skill levels. Respawn Entertainment has taken extra steps to ensure that matchmaking and ranked as a whole are better across the board. Apex Legends Season 17 is set to launch on May 09th, and players can look forward to trying out the new changes then.