In Overwatch, you might get the LC 202 error if there’s a problem with your network hardware.
To resolve this issue, please ensure that your computer has a high-speed, consistently reliable connection to the Internet.

When this happens, it’s usually because the game’s servers or the player’s internet connection are having issues, making it one of the more difficult issues to resolve in the title.

However, the LC-202 error can be fixed; all it takes is a little trial and error on your part. Therefore, this Overwatch 2 guide will cover all the ways in which you can fix this error.

What causes the LC 202 error in Overwatch?

  • If you’re having trouble getting online it might be because your Internet connection is inadequate, try resetting both your router and modem and double-checking their settings.
  • You may be experiencing lag spikes in Overwatch because of network latency, which affects all online games.
  • Your bandwidth is being overloaded due to the fact that you have too many devices connected to your home network. Gameplay performance may suffer, especially at 4K or higher resolutions, if packets are lost.
  • Your computer’s firewall settings may prevent the game from starting up.
  • Sometimes the OW2 servers just go down, and you can’t do anything about it.
How to Fix the LC-202 error in Overwatch 2?

How to Fix the LC-202 error in Overwatch 2?

  1. Check If Game Servers are Working Fine.

You should check the Blizzard website for the status of the servers before attempting to log in, as errors of this type have been occurring more frequently recently. If the servers are offline because of an issue or routine maintenance, you may have to wait until they are back up and running.

  1. Verify That Your Internet Connection is Stable to Play.

In order to lessen network congestion, please close any other bandwidth-intensive applications or devices. Make sure you are getting the expected speeds by conducting a speed test. Switching to a wired connection, if at all possible, will also increase reliability.

  1. Make sure Overwatch 2 is Allowed in Windows Firewall.

The LC-202 error in Overwatch 2 could be caused by your computer’s built-in antivirus software or Windows Firewall. If that’s the case, you’ll need to access Windows Security and go into the Firewall and Network Protection sections. To access the game files, you must first find “Allow on the app through Firewall” and click it. With this, you can launch the shooter after adding it as an exemption to the Firewall.

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  1. Reinstall Overwatch 2 to eliminate LC-202 error

If all else fails, try erasing and reinstalling the game. If there were any systemic issues contributing to this problem, they will be resolved now. Also, make sure your hard drive has enough free space for the game’s installation. If not, you should clean up your computer.

  1. Get Help from Support Center

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to get in touch with Blizzard Support. Since this is most likely a console-specific issue, you could also try contacting the console’s maker through its official support channels.

However, if this is the true cause of the problem, then trying to play the game during off-peak times may also help. If that doesn’t work, following the steps we outlined above is your next best bet for beating LC-202 and getting a taste of Overwatch 2.

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