How Long Does It Take to Defuse in Valorant

Quick : The time required to detonate the spike is roughly seven seconds. After 3.5 seconds of uninterrupted time, the defuser can also partially detonate the spike.

The Spike in Valorant is similar to the bomb in CS: GO in that it is an item around which a team’s entire strategy revolves Every single map in Valorant has at 2-3 locations on it where the attackers have to battle through the defenders in order to plant the Spike in any one of the three plant locations that have been designated.

Once the attackers have secured the site, it will take the agent planting the Spike a total of 4 seconds to complete the planting process. During this time, the agent planting the Spike will be fully invested in the planting process, and the other members of the team will need to protect the planter.

The post-plant situation is one of the most difficult aspects of being an attacker, and it begins once the plant has been dealt with. The defenders make an effort during this time to retake the site in order to regain control of the site and defuse the spike. Due to the fact that everything is centered on the Spike, the outcomes of each of the rounds are dependent on what occurs with the Spike.

Defusing The Spike in Valorant

How Long Does It Take to Defuse in Valorant

It should take about seven seconds to defuse the spike if there is no interruption in the process. After 3.5 seconds have passed without interruption, the detonator will also be able to partially detonate the spike. The correct breakdown of the spike can be found below.

  • Planting a Spike takes 4 seconds.
  • Time takes for the player to Defuse takes 7 seconds.
  • Player can Half-Defuse in 3.5 seconds.
  • The Spike will Detonate in 45 seconds.

Following the successful placement of the spike, the players will hear a tick once every second for the first 25 seconds. After that, for the subsequent ten seconds, there will be two ticks each second. After that, for the subsequent five seconds, there will be four ticks per second. In conclusion, you will hear eight ticks for the remaining five seconds of the timer.

Here’s how the beeps function:

  • One beep per second for the first 25 seconds.
  • two beeps every 25 to 35 seconds.
  • four beeps every 35 to 40 seconds.
  • 80 beeps per second divided by 40 to explosion

If a defender successfully defuses the spike, an audible signal will be broadcast to all players within range. On the other hand, there won’t be any audible indicators to let you know when the defender has finished defusing the spike. There is also not a different sound cue for when the defenders quickly tap the spike, which is referred to as a “fake defuse.”

When defenders begin defusing the bomb, players in the spike range will not only hear cues but also see visual cues to let them know what’s happening. For instance, when the spike is detonated, the lights on it turn red, and the outer casing rises from the ground to the very top of the room.