How To Copy Any Crosshair in Valorant

Quick : During a match, ensure that you are viewing the player whose crosshair you want to copy, then type “/crosshair copy” or “/cc” to import the crosshair and save it as a new crosshair profile.

When watching a teammate in Valorant, have you ever spotted a crosshair that you had to have for yourself? You no longer need a code to copy your opponent’s crosshair in Riot’s first-person shooter, as this functionality was added in Valorant Patch 5.04.

The ability to directly copy a crosshair you are spectating into a new crosshair profile is one of many new features in this update to Valorant’s crosshair features. You now have 15 profile slots instead of 10 to use when replicating spectated crosshairs.

How to Copy Crosshair in Valorant?

How To Copy Any Crosshair in Valorant

Observing an opponent while they play will allow you to replicate their crosshair. When you spectate another player, their crosshair appears where yours would be, allowing you to quickly scan your dead team to see what they were using.

  • Type “/crosshair copy” (or “/cc”) into a crosshair profile spot if you find one you like. The crosshair will be copied into a new profile and saved.
  • When you go to the options menu and select the ‘Crosshair‘ tab, you can examine the profile, make any necessary changes, and set it as your default crosshair.

Since there is no universally effective crosshair for better aim, you should play a few practice matches or spend some time at the range to see if the crosshair helps you.

The only time you can watch your teammates during a round is if you’ve been eliminated from the match you’re queuing for. In modes like Deathmatch and Escalation where you can’t spectate, you won’t be able to copy codes from your opponents.

The newest update allows you to simply copy a teammate’s crosshair into a new profile without needing to obtain a code from them first. My fellow gamers, I say, go forth and replicate to your heart’s content. And remember to fine-tune the crosshair to your exact specifications. Have fun, gamers!