How To Get A Free Skin in Fortnite Chapter 4

Everyone in Fortnite, wants a skin or two. Skins help to give your characters more personality and bring more life to your game. You can select from thousands of cute, cool, and well-made skins, all of which are worthy of being flexed in-game.

Of course, we all know that having specific or rare skins has no effect on in-game performance. However, it is frequently more enjoyable to walk around with them. Players will sometimes spend hundreds of euros in the item shop just to add to their own collection!

The only question is whether you can obtain certain skins for free. In fact, there are a number of ways to obtain a skin for free or to reduce your spending in the item shop. Below are all of the free skins that are currently available in Fortnite in March 2023, as well as instructions on how to obtain free skins in general.

What are Free Fortnite Skins?

Skins usually require you to pay a certain amount of V-Bucks. You can also obtain skins from the Battle Pass by simply playing the game and completing missions.

Unfortunately, not everyone has some spare cash to spend on V-Bucks. We all have expenses, and Fortnite skins aren’t always one of them. Fortunately, Epic Games occasionally offers free Fortnite skins if you meet their requirements.

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How To Get A Free Skin in Fortnite Chapter 4

Possible Ways of Getting Free Skins in Fortnite?

  • Participating in Fortnite events : Participating in events is probably the simplest way to obtain free skins. Fortnite enjoys gifting skins to players on special occasions such as Christmas and his birthday. To get the free cosmetics, you often have to complete a few challenges first, but it’s well worth it!
  • Skins From Battle Pass : Players who choose to invest in the Battle Pass system can progress and unlock some extremely rare outfits simply by playing the game. With this system, as one gains XP, one advances to new ranks with new rewards. Furthermore, during the Battle Pass, you will receive V-Bucks at various levels, which you can reinvest in the next Battle Pass. With a single purchase, you could theoretically unlock an infinite number of skins and items. You only need to invest 950 V-Bucks once and then just grind!
  • Participate in Fortnite Tournaments : Fortnite occasionally holds tournaments in which the best Fortnite players can win a free outfit. To specifically promote them, these tournaments are frequently linked to crossovers. To stay up to date, visit the Fortnite Competitive section on a regular basis.
  • Free Skins from Twitch Prime : Twitch Prime has always provided you with the opportunity to obtain exclusive skins. It was also sufficient to use the 30-day free trial to include the bundles in the locker. Unfortunately, this Twitch Prime Loot is not available right now. However, we are confident that a new package will be available soon.
  • Free Skins from Playstation Plus : You can buy the PlayStation Plus skin or cosmetics if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. The package is always available for a short period of time before being exchanged for a new package.
  • Get Skins from Console Bundle : The major console manufacturers are also convinced of Fortnite’s success and will try to convince you that their platform is the best way to play the battle royale, even going so far as to offer special bundles of their products. These typically include skins and V-Bucks, but may also include other items. So, if you’re going to buy some of these items anyway, make sure to bring the free loot with you. Mostly because these cosmetics are expensive after a while. Unfortunately, there are no Fortnite console bundles available right now.
  • Save the World : There is one more way to obtain free skins. By accumulating V-Bucks and exchanging them for skins in the shop. The PvE campaign “Save the World” allows you to earn V-Bucks for free.

While Epic Games does not directly give out Fortnite skins for free, there are some possible ways to try out to get free skin. With the increase in events and challenges, you might get skin for free. Make sure to keep an eye out for such things.