How to Get Golden Weapons in Overwatch 2

Some of the most impressive and sought-after cosmetic items in the Overwatch universe are golden guns. These weapons are evidence that you are familiar with the relevant hero. Many players acquire them by rising to the highest ranks in the game, while others do so by spending numerous hours each day grinding. In order to obtain the ultimate status symbol in Overwatch 2, every player will want to know how to get golden guns.

Overwatch 2 follows the same procedure as Overwatch 1, but if you haven’t played the original in a while or are unfamiliar with the series, we’ve put together a guide on everything you need to know about golden weapons.

Here is all the information you require to obtain golden weapons in Overwatch 2.

What is a Golden Gun in Overwatch 2?

Players of Overwatch 2 can buy a specific Golden version of any weapon for their preferred Hero. These weapons feature an alternative design and a beautiful, golden finish. Furthermore, because they can only be purchased with Competitive Points, other players will know you put in a lot of effort to unlock them. In Overwatch 2 battles, you can showcase your abilities and class by using these unusual weapons.

How to Get Golden Weapons in overwatch 2?

How to Get Golden Weapons in Overwatch 2

You must first unlock the Competitive game modes if you are new to Overwatch 2. Before you can access the ranked ladder, you must amass 50 Quick Play victories. You can choose to play Role Queue or Open Queue once you are qualified for Competitive. You will receive a rank once you have 5 wins or 15 losses, whichever comes first. From there, you can try to advance to a higher rank or just try to win as many games as you can to earn Competitive Points (CP).

These Competitive Points can then be used to buy each hero a golden gun from the Hero Gallery menu. Here is how much CP you receive when you reach particular ranks:

  • Silver: 65 CP
  • Gold: 125 CP
  • Silver: 250 CP
  • Silver: 500 CP
  • 750 CP for diamond
  • 1,200 CP for a master
  • 1,750 CP for Grandmaster

Open the Hero Gallery and choose your preferred hero once you’ve accumulated the required number of points. Choose the Weapons tab from the list of cosmetics at the bottom of the page. then select Unlock after selecting Golden. After that, you can use any other cosmetic to equip your new golden weapon.

What is the Price of a Golden Weapon in Overwatch 2?

The cost of a golden gun is 3,000 Competitive Points, which means that the mode is time-consuming to play. Note : Take note that if you still had Competitive Points from the original Overwatch, they were transferred to Overwatch 2 when it launched, giving you access to all of your saved points.

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