Overwatch 2 Introduces New Starwatch Event Packed with Free Rewards!

The latest Overwatch 2 update includes a new limited-time event in which players must choose sides in an interstellar battle between rebels and an evil empire, as well as a substantial batch of balance changes and the addition of hero-specific options.

Players can queue up and compete as either the Watcher rebels or the Infinite Empire in Starwatch: Galactic Rescue, a new limited-time game mode. Those battling for liberty will need to accompany the rebel leader Bonebreaker (aka Doomfist) as he attempts to release the imprisoned robot 3CH-0 (aka Echo) from the empire’s grasp.

There are four capture spots to attack or defend. The Watchers are escorted by a Doomfist controlled by AI. Meanwhile, the Infinite Empire has laser turrets to help it repel the rebels.

Other noteworthy mechanisms in Starwatch include gravity implosion barrels. Shoot them, and nearby opponents and allies will be pulled into the center, similar to a gravitational surge. You may also experience low gravity at the final capture spot. Furthermore, if a buddy dies, you can revive them as you would in PvE Archives missions. Completing event tasks will get you access to new cosmetics such as the Asteroid Wrecking Ball skin, a weapon charm, and more.

When does the Starwatch: Galactic Rescue event in Overwatch 2 begin?

From Tuesday, May 9 through Monday, May 22

In addition to the new mode, the Starwatch event includes challenges to earn free cosmic cosmetics. These include the new Asteroid epic skin for Wrecking Ball and 50,000 XP for completing Overwatch 2’s Premium Battle Bass, which unlocks Sigma’s new epic skin. Limited-time packages of Watchers and Infinite Empire will also be available in-game.

The free comic Starwatch: An Echo of Hope, which tells the story of the Watchers’ escape from the Infinite Empire, was also released as part of the new Overwatch 2 event. The winner of Starwatch: Galactic Rescue will decide the fate of the galaxy in a second comic book that will be released after the event.

Overwatch 2 Introduces New Starwatch Event Packed with Free Rewards!

Hero Balance Changes And More

Many tanks, damage heroes, and supports have had significant balance adjustments as a result of the patch. Many heroes now have new quality-of-life options, as well as bug fixes and other upgrades.

These changes include a damage bonus to Orisa’s primary weapon, a Biotic Grenade healing nerf for Ana, and an increase in the damage radius of Winston’s Jet Pack ability.

Junker Queen has had the most adjustments, with her maximum ammo raised, the projectile size of her throwing knife increased, the passive healing multiplier of Adrenaline Rush increased, and Rampage changed so that it now does 40 impact damage and less wound damage. Other heroes who have had their cooldowns reduced include Baptiste, whose Immortality Field now has a shorter cooldown, and Lifeweaver, who can no longer Life Grip Reinhardt while utilizing their ultimate.

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