Picture of Streamer xQc watching LeBron James and Lakers match goes viral

Popular Twitch streamer, xQc bet $300,000 on his first ever NBA game and won. He announced to his viewers that he would be at the Lakers-Grizzlies game he was streaming. Since xQc has been a resident of Los Angeles for quite some time, the streamer really ought to check out a Lakers game.

xQc expressed his anticipation for seeing LeBron James play in the game during his broadcast. He also expressed excitement about catching a Ja Morant game. What he said was:

“It’s hard for me to believe that I’ll actually get to meet LeBron James. Holy crap… To tell the truth, I might be s*xually attracted to Bron. And Ja Morant, my God… I intend to give it my all… I’m just hanging out.”

Instead of winning the bet, xQc has become famous online for his unusual viewing position of a Lakers game on Twitch. A photo of him cheering from the stands has been shared as a meme all over Reddit and Twitter. A fan uploaded the photo with the following caption:

xQc won $300,000 and a Front-Row Experience

Various sources claim that the cost of courtside seats at an NBA game can exceed $15,000. However, xQc appears to have enjoyed the show. Especially considering the Lakers’ 117-111 victory. That is, xQc bet a ton of money on the Lakers before going to the game with TSM buddha. Felix hoped against hope that the stars would finally align in his favor and he wouldn’t lose a huge sum of money on a bet.

He sat tense in the front row, but LeBron James and the boys delivered the much-needed victory for xQc. Following the match, the streamer was awarded a prize of $300,000! This was a thrilling experience for the streamer.

The Lakers won, and xQc collected 1.5 times his original wager because of it. He told his viewers that he was sorry he couldn’t do a long stream like usual, but that the next one would be even longer because of the game.