Duotrigordle is comparable to Wordle in that it has numerous aspects with the well-known word game. After all, it’s a side game in which players can solve 32 Wordles at simultaneously. Solving the game on a regular basis can be a genuine challenge, and it’s ideal for people looking for something fresh.

It can be intimidating to work with 32 Wordles at once, which is why this tips guide can be useful. Solving this on a daily basis might earn you huge bragging rights, so let’s dive into the tactics you’ll need to use to get your answers as soon as possible.

What is Duotrigordle?

Duotrigordle has its unique set of rules that require participants to think outside the box.

The primary gameplay provided by Duotrigordle is identical to that provided by Wordle. It’s a guessing game, and the main principle is the same – you must correctly guess the phrases using various indications. Before delving deeper into the game, it’s critical to understand its fundamental rules.

  • Players must correctly guess all 32 words in 37 attempts.
  • Like Wordle, you will see grey, yellow, or green blocks for each word you guess.
  • Grey indicates that certain letters do not appear in the term.
  • Yellow indicates that the letters are present, but not in that location.
  • Green indicates that the letter is at its exact location.
  • Continue guessing until you’ve completed all 32 boards. The guesses used and boards completed tracker is at the top of the page.
  • The challenge begins when one word is correctly guessed for all boards.

Duotrigordle will ultimately be a guessing game, and there is no straightforward way for someone to complete all of the answers. It is also intended for advanced users for whom Wordle has become a simple hobby.

Best Strategies and Tips for Winning Duotrigordle

As soon as you load up duotrigordle.com, you’ll notice that there are a lot of blocks in 4 rectangular boards. Whichever word you guess first will appear on all boards, and once you push ENTER, you will see if any of the letters are contained in any of the four responses. Here are some of the top tips and tactics for solving and winning the game.

  • Click on specific boards to see the letters highlighted in different colors. If you don’t do this, each letter will be densely packed with greens and yellows, adding to the confusion.
  • Continue scrolling and prioritize the boards with the most green letters.
  • The second aim is to finish the boards with more yellows because it will give you more word ideas.
  • Make new attempts with words that contain (nearly) all of the grey letters in the keyboard below. This will allow you to get rid of the non-existent letters as well.
  • When a board is solved, it will turn grey.
  • It’s now up to you to eliminate letters from your following guesses. Consider only the position of the green characters to be fixed. Then, using a yellow letter, create another word by eliminating any options containing a grey character. As you continue to accomplish this correctly, the boards will continue to grey out.

Remember that you can navigate to a specific board by clicking on the number block at the top.
Every guess counts, so take your time and be cautious. Before making your next guess, consider the big picture. You don’t want to guess a lot only to fill up one board.

Take note of the fixed letters on each board. Then, compute your next best guess, which will help you if you have many solutions. Don’t rush because this will take time.