Tim, Ninja, Nickmercs, SypherPK, and Courage Team Up for Battle Royale Game on UEFN

Five of gaming’s most well-known streamers are teaming up to create a creator-led, community-driven Fortnite experience. Ninja, NICKMERCS, TimtheTatman, CouRageJD, and SypherPK will work with SuperJoy Studios, a specialty division of Sypher’s Oni Studios, to launch “Project V.”

DrDisrespect formed his own studio with a number of industry veterans to create a new FPS, 100 Thieves is developing its own shooter, and these guys are now developing their own battle royale.

TimTheTatman, Ninja, Nickmercs, CourageJD, and SypherPK have announced that they are developing a new battle royale game in the Unreal Editor for Fortnite.

Project V will be led by the Creator and driven by the community.

Project V promises “custom weapons, a full-scale map, fluid movement, and unique mechanics” as part of its appeal, in an attempt to differentiate itself from other Battle Royale games.

“We’ll be taking our time to develop this game as features for UEFN become more powerful and flexible. With custom weapons, a full scale map, fluid movement and unique mechanics in our sights, we have ambitious plans to build something really unique. While we can’t give away too many details about the game just yet, here’s what we can tell you: Project V will be a game that puts community feedback and features front and center. We believe that our players should have a say in shaping the game they play.”

In addition, the team intends to provide ongoing support after the launch. “Like Fortnite itself, the game will be an iterative experience that introduces new content all year long, so the community involvement element never really expires,” said a spokesperson.

When will Project V be Launched?

The full launch of Project V is scheduled for Q2 2024. This provides the team with approximately a year to develop, test, and iterate on fan feedback. SuperJoy Studios is currently looking for developers to join its team.

While Sypher’s Oni Studios and SuperJoy Studios will play key roles, it’s unclear whether or not the other streamers will make use of the resources at their disposal.

According to a spokesperson, all five creators have personally invested in Project V and will contribute in other meaningful ways.