Streamer Kai Cenat's Twitch Ban Sparks Joining Kick Platform Rumors Among Fans

The Twitch community was shocked when Kai Cenat, the streamer with the most subscribers of all time, said he had been banned from the site. Kai had just passed Ludiwg and Ninja to become the Twitch user with the most followers, with 4.9 million.

On Monday, April 17, Kai just wrote “BANNED” in a tweet, making fans wonder why he was suddenly banned.

Some fans think that Kai might have been banned because he crashed his dirt bike into his setup a few days before. But no one knows for sure why he was kicked out. The news spread like wildfire, and fans flooded his Twitter mentions. Many of them suggested he might switch to Kick, another streaming service just recently launched.

Kai’s rise to the top of the streaming world has been an amazing one. He started streaming on Twitch in 2021 and quickly became a well-known name in the streaming community. In 2022, he won both the Streamer Awards and the YouTube Streamy Awards for Streamer of the Year. Even though he is very popular, some of his fans have criticized Twitch for not giving him a good contract, even though he recently broke the all-time subscriber record.

Will Twitch Streamer Kai Cenat join Kick after Twitch ban?

This ban comes at a time when there are rumors that some of the best Twitch streamers are leaving the site for Kick. Kick Platforn recently sent Kai a pair of custom Off-White Air Forces as a subtle jab at Twitch, which had given the star a pair of custom sneakers instead of a contract after his viral subathon.

Now, everyone on Twitch is waiting to see what Kai does next. Will he switch to Kick or try to get his Twitch account back up and running? Just wait and see.

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