Twitch Streamer Clix's Unconventional Unban Appeal Video for Epic Games

Twitch streamer Cody “Clix” revealed on Twitter that he was banned from Fortnite for 14 days while competing.

According to an in-game notification, Clix was suspended because he appeared to be teaming with a enemy team. Clix might be unable to compete in the upcoming season of the Fortnite Championship Series or the Copenhagen LAN event at the end of the year as a result of the ban.

Why Clix Got Banned in Fortnite?

Clix speculated that Epic may have made their decision based on the game replay, which made it appear as if he was collaborating with the enemy. During his stream, however, he expressed his displeasure with the situation, emphasizing that he was actively attempting to stop the enemy’s sniping. He went on to say that he has no ill will toward Epic because of their decision.

If they looked at the replays, chat, it does look like I was teaming, from the replays out of context, I completely agree. I’m not trying to go off at Epic whatsoever, it’s more that I’m disappointed at the fact that I got a consequence off of someone else’s actions that I wasn’t even able to control.

Clix Appealed for Unban in a Unconventional Way

Following his ban, Clix attempted to appeal to Fortnite to have him unbanned. While this did not occur, his unusual method of appealing drew a lot of attention.

He recently posted a short video in which he expresses his frustration at not being able to play Fortnite. In the video, Jokingly he tries to jump from the balcony, eat extremely hot peppers, and throw a toaster in the bathtub. Meanwhile, his Epic Games ban message was engulfing him.

He also used the #FreeClix hashtag, which his followers have been using to show their support for the Twitch streamer.

In this video, everyone showed their love for the Twitch streamer. Some asked Epic Games about the update, while others pointed out that he was wearing a Fortnite shirt in the video. In the meantime, fans suggested he should try other games.

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