Valorant Patch 6.08 Unleashes Major Updates: Gekko and Killjoy Get Overhauled, Maps Rotate, Shorty Gets a Makeover, and More!

We are pleased to present to you the latest updates on Valorant Patch 6.08! In this patch, we have witnessed significant changes that have impacted agents, maps, cosmetics, and much more. We understand that keeping up with these changes can be a daunting task, but don’t worry; we have you covered!

Valorant Patch 6.08 Agents Changes


One of the most significant changes is the improvement to Wingman’s (Q) ability to plant and defuse spikes. The developers have made audio improvements to the ability to make the plant and defuse audio cues stand out, even in the most hectic combat situations.

In addition, Gekko’s in-game portrait has been updated for better gameplay readability and quality consistency.


Another update is to Killjoy’s Nanoswarm (C) ability. The reveal radius for Nanoswarm has been increased, and the audio has been updated to turn off when Killjoy is killed or suppressed. Enemy feedback when destroying Nanoswarm is also enhanced, and Nanoswarm is now revealed when it is disabled.

Players will also notice updated visuals for when Killjoy’s ultimate ability (X), Lockdown, is being destroyed. Enemies will not receive a yellow warning UI indicator during Killjoy’s Lockdown. Finally, the sounds for deactivating Killjoy’s Turret (E) and Alarmbot (Q) have been made more distinct.


Brimstone’s Sky Smoke ability (E) and Orbital Strike ability (X), along with Omen’s From the Shadows ability (X), have received updated targeting visuals to help players with more precise placements on the map.

Valorant Patch 6.08 Maps Changes

The Valorant maps have received some love in this patch. Some of the changes include an overhaul of the B site on the Bind map, making it more attacker-friendly. The A site on the Ascent map has also undergone some changes, making it more challenging for defenders to hold the site.

Icebox rotations are now out of competitive and unrated queues. These changes will encourage players to use different tactics and strategies when playing on these maps.

Valorant Patch 6.08 Skins

Who doesn’t love some good cosmetics? With the latest patch, Valorant has released a new line of skins known as the Forsaken collection. The collection includes skins for the Phantom, Ghost, Spectre, and Odin weapons. These skins come with unique animations and sound effects, making them stand out from the rest.

In conclusion, the latest patch for Valorant has brought some exciting changes to the game. The changes to agents, maps, and cosmetics will impact the way the game is played, and players need to adapt to them. The new features added to the game will also improve the player experience, making it more enjoyable for all. As always, we encourage players to keep playing and exploring the game to discover all the new changes for themselves.