YouTuber whatsuptre sparks outrage for pranking homeless people on video

Trevon Sellers, also known as whatsuptre on YouTube, is currently under fire for a viral video in which he pranks homeless people in public. The video’s clips were widely shared on Twitter and TikTok, eliciting a largely negative reaction from viewers. The video depicts a number of cruel pranks on homeless people, such as promising food and then eating it in front of them.

WhatsUpTre documented his alleged “good deed” of assisting a homeless person in Los Angeles in the YouTube video. He starts by stating that the city has the third largest homeless population in the United States and that it is his responsibility to ensure that one less person goes hungry that day.

Tre approaches a homeless man and offers him a hot meal, saying, “I got you. “May God bless you.” He then goes to Wendy’s and returns to the homeless man. Instead of giving him the meal, he eats it in front of him and says, “I used to be homeless, so I want you to get back on your feet…”I hope you like it.” The homeless man is heartbroken and starving.

This is not the first time WhatsUpTre has posted content on his YouTube channel that has sparked controversy. However, this video has sparked widespread outrage on social media platforms.

The video was first shared on Twitter by @Human101Nature a few days ago, and it has since received over four million views. Others have re-shared the video as outrage over WhatsUpTre’s actions spreads across the internet.

While some speculated that the homeless man in the video was acting, the majority of viewers agreed that the content was cruel and insensitive. It is critical to remember that pranking vulnerable people in public is not amusing, and it is not acceptable to make fun of others’ misfortune.